Wink Bingo Overview

Wink Bingo has an excellent range of different variations of bingo games for the UK. 90 and 75 ball of course, but also big prizes and promotions, free bingo, speed bingo, jackpots both progressive and guaranteed (with pre-buy available so you don’t miss the chance at the big prizes), penny bingo, team bingo and more! Also instant side games to play in between games of bingo itself. To read more about all that is available from Wink bingo continue below.

Do note that Wink bingo is a 888 site (along with Tasty bingo, Bingo Hearts, Beatle bingo and Redbus bingo), so it has similar games to the others – but they have different promotions and variations on the games (especially the bingo of course!) so it is worth having a look at all of them to see if you prefer one in particular.

Variety of Bingo Games

Both main configurations of bingo are available at Wink bingo – 90 ball and 75 ball – but within that there are all sorts of variations. Speed bingo for when you fancy a fast game, bingo games for just a few pence per card for lots of bingo play for little outlay, team bingo where you can play as a team with your friends for leaderboard places, and a lot of various jackpot games both progressive and guaranteed.
When you log into Wink bingo the game window opens up and shows the lobby. From here you can access all the games – select the tabs for the types of bingo (e.g. 90 ball or 75 ball) that you want, and see the various options (card prices, free games etc.) available. Also you can access the pre-buy tabs to pre-buy your tickets for the jackpot games. In the lobby you will see the following tabs:
Free and Easy – Games with some free aspect including games with free cards, and also some ‘fun’ games like speed bingo and fair and square games
90 (Ball) bingo – 90 ball bingo games
75 (ball) bingo – 75 ball bingo games
Prebuys – the bigger games with prebuys available, guaranteed jackpot games etc.
Instants – side games such as outlined in our side games section below
Progressives – this tab shows the progressive instant games
There are also tabs which will show details of big games and special big promos such as the Joy Pot and perfect day big promo games, but these will obviously change as new promos come online. See sections below for more details on the games under these tabs!

Free Bingo

There is free 90 ball bingo, free 75 ball bingo and no risk (money back if you don’t win) jackpot bingo available at Wink! See the subsections below for a brief description of each of the games. Do note that to play free bingo you have to have a funded account – that is you have to have deposited at least once.
Free and Easy – 90 ball free bingo
Free 90 ball bingo everyday in Wink’s 90 Ball Free & Easy room, from 11.30am to 12.30pm, 5pm to 6pm and 11pm to 12am.
Birthday Suit – 75 ball free bingo
For free 75 ball bingo see the Birthday Suit room, every day from 8.30am to 9.30am, 2pm to 3pm and 8pm to 9pm.
Risk Free – £500 jackpot game
This is a £500 guaranteed jackpot game that plays every Friday at 9.45pm. If you don’t win, you get your money back on the following Monday in bingo funds.

Special Bingo Games

Wasn’t quite sure how to describe these so I went with ‘special bingo games’! These include low cost (a penny per card) bingo during the ‘power hours’ of some rooms, speed bingo, fair and square games, and regular promo games with special prizes. Check the sections below for a quick overview of these games. These are mostly the ‘easy’ games from the Free and Easy tab, with the free games outlined in the section above.
Pinky Winky
The Pink Winky room has power hours starting at 11am, 5.30pm and 9.30pm where cards are only a penny each. At other times cards are still low cost (i.e. pennies not pounds!) – check in the lobby. The Pinky Winky room is 75 ball bingo.
Rags to Riches
The power hours in the Rags to Riches room start at 11am, 5.30pm and 9.30pm, during the power hours cards are one penny (low cost – e.g. 5p per card – at other times).
Jump for Joy
In the Jump for Joy room cards cost just 1p during Wink’s Power Hours which run everyday starting from 11am, 5.30pm and 9.30pm. Outside of the power hours, cards are still low cost, I have seen them at 3p for instance. The Jump for Joy room is 90 ball bingo.
Speed Bingo
The Speed Bingo room is open every day between 7.30am and 10.30am at Wink. The game is 75 ball bingo and the maximum number of slots to daub to get the bingo is 4. Therefore the games play very quickly and you can get in a lot of games for your time, or alternatively have a couple of very quick games if you only have a few minutes to spare.
Fair & Square
In Wink bingo’s Fair and Square games, everyone has a chance of winning as the minimum card purchase is the same as maximum card purchase. The card price varies – I have seen 20p cards, £1 cards etc. It seems to be that the number of cards you must buy is 6 (i.e. that is both the min and the max number) but I am not sure if that is always the case. The Fair and Square room is open for playing these games daily between 6pm and 8pm.
Stash the Cash
Wink’s ‘Stash the Cash’ games run during the week from Monday to Friday inclusive. The prizes are credited to winner’s accounts the following Monday so that can be a nice surprise for the winning players. The prizes are in bingo funds (not cash funds) for most of the cash prizes. See below for the various individual promotions that make up ‘Stash the Cash’. If there is more than one winner the prize gets shared equally between them.
Busty Lingo
Each week the 10 bingo players who wagered the most on bingo games but didn’t win anything will share £100 in bingo funds.
Nice and Teasy
Each week the 10 players who played the most instant games overall win a share of £100.
Best of the Bunch
The top 20 players who wagered the most on bingo and instants combined during the week win a share of £200 in bingo funds.
Willy Wonga
The 5 players who bingoed the most on the Chocolate Box pattern throughout the week win a share of 25,000bps (bonus points, AKA Joy Points).
Something for the weekend
The ‘Something for the Weekend’ games on Wink are a similar concept to the above weekday Stash the Cash promos, except that they run over the weekend. The promo runs all weekend, midnight Saturday morning to midnight Sunday evening, every weekend. Prizes are credited to winner’s accounts on the Monday, and if there is more than one winner the prize will be divided equally.
Star Treatment
The four players who bingoed the most on the Star pattern at the weekend win a share of 20,000bps (bonus points, AKA Joy Points).
Trolly Dash
The player who bingoed the most on the Shopping Bag pattern wins a £30 M&S voucher.
Pot o’ Gold
The five players who bingo the most on the call numbers 45 or 50 overall win a share of £25 in bingo funds.
Two Little Ducks
The five players who bingo the most on the number 22 each weekend win a share of 25,000bps.
Team bingo
Team bingo is a way of playing bingo as part of a team in a form of tournament – the more you and the members of your team play, the more points you earn for your team. You are placed randomly in a team every two weeks, and at the end of the two weeks the winning team is the one with the most bingoes over that time. At the end of the two weeks the scores are reset and the teams reshuffled. The prizes for the winning teams (it pays 1st to 10th place – see below) are extra bonus points for use in the loyalty scheme (see below). It is a good way to make new friends as well in each new team you get placed in
Points table for the winners in team bingo, the winnings are all in bps (bonus points or Joy points):
1st Place – 170,000
2nd Place – 120,000
3rd Place – 70,000
4th Place – 50,000
5th to 10th Place – 15,000 each
There are extra rules on ties, terms and conditions and so on, so to check out the full details of the team bingo at Wink click here to get to the Wink bingo promotions page (opens in new window) and the Team Bingo entry is there where you can click on a link for more details of team bingo. The following subsection is a summary of team bingo play details and rules from those pages. Do note that in a couple of places in the ‘rules’ section on the Wink bingo site, it states that the team bingo period for each game is a month (on other places it says two weeks). I am pretty sure that the current period is two weeks.
Team Bingo How to Play and Rules
As mentioned above in the introduction to Team Bingo at Wink, you can’t choose your team but are placed randomly in a team. This is to make it fair and even out the players who play a lot – otherwise a few big time players could get together and win it most fortnights! You don’t have to do anything extra to play in the team bingo, just play as many times as you want or can during the two weeks and the winning team will be the one with the most combined bingos (bingoes?) at the end of the two week period.
If two or more teams tie the tie-breaker will be the number of bingos on the letter T pattern, and the team with the most of those will win the main prize. At the end of the two week team competition period the scores will be reset to zero, the teams reshuffled and it starts again. Emails get sent out detailing the winners (this is the standard email you should get as a Wink bingo member, the ‘winners’ email) and winning team members will have their accounts updated with the bonus/joy points. There is a team bingo leaderboard and it is updated daily.
You have to be signed up for team bingo before the start of the new competition – the sign up page can be found via the Wink bingo promo page entry for team bingo (link above). So if you sign up on a Monday or later you will not be in the current competition, but will be in the following one. All 75 ball bingo wins, and all 90 ball bingo full houses between the hours of 8am and 11pm UK time count. Thus overnight bingos do not count for team bingo. Once you are registered (signed up) for team bingo you will be automatically entered for all future competitions, to opt out you have to email Wink bingo – the email address is on the Wink bingo team bingo page. Funded players only, and if you haven’t played bingo for a month you will be deregistered from Team Bingo (this is fair as if you aren’t playing it will be a hindrance to your team’s chances of winning!).

Bingo Jackpot Games

This section here is just an overview or summary of the Bingo jackpot games available at Wink – for a more detailed article covering the games (there are a lot!) see our main article bingo jackpot games at Wink. Bear in mind that some of the promo games – regular and special promos – are jackpot games too so keep an eye out for those.

Guaranteed Jackpots

There are guaranteed jackpot games every day at Wink bingo, and also in 75 ball and 90 ball forms of bingo. The prizes range from £150 up to an impressive £5,000 (the £5,000 game runs on the last Friday of every month). These jackpot games are called ‘coverall jackpots’ as the jackpot trigger is reaching a coverall (all squares matched by balls/numbers) within a certain (low) number of balls. You can see the list of the different guaranteed jackpots by going to the games page on Wink bingo and clicking on the ‘coverall jackpots’ tab. The games run in the evening and the time varies from game to game (i.e. day to day) from 8:45pm to 10pm, and the game can be 75 ball or 90 ball. Check the site page linked above for more details.
The progressive jackpot games are available with the ‘pre-buy’ option. You can get to this from the lobby of the Wink bingo (that is the window that opens when you click ‘Claim Here’ on the site) where you can see a tab marked ‘pre-buys’ where you can access the list of jackpot games for which you can buy your tickets in advance. You never have to miss out on the chance of a big jackpot prize, even if you can’t be at the computer when the game is played!

Progressive Jackpots

There are progressive jackpot games for both 75 ball and 90 ball bingo at Wink. The 75 ball progressive jackpot is called the Moneyball and triggers on the special Moneyball pattern (12 slots to daub) which has to be hit in 34 calls (balls) or less for the big progressive jackpot. The jackpot reseeds (starts again) at £250 when it is won but it can reach large amounts if it isn’t won for a while! Play 75 Moneyball 3 times an hour in The Hangout room from 7pm to Midnight UK time and sometimes during the day at random (keep an eye out for the money ball pattern graphic showing in the room). Note that the Hangout is a £1 per card room.
The 90 ball progressive jackpot is the usual full house and is triggered if you get the full house (coverall) in 37 calls (balls) or less. This progressive jackpot can be won on any 90 ball bingo game throughout the site all the time. It resets at £100 when won.

Side Games

There is a good range of instant side games to be played at Wink bingo. Slots (fruit machines), video poker, roulette (different roulette game variations available!), scratch cards and others. Some of the online slots have jackpots and progressive jackpots too. To see the different side games and instant games go to the games page on Wink bingo and click on ‘Instant Games’ for descriptions of the games you can play there, and ‘casino games’ for the Roulette, Black Jack and Video Poker. Do check the terms and conditions at the bottom of that page.
Check the Wink bingo site for new side games and instants, as new ones come along all the time. The games are played alongside the bingo games and are accessed from the side menu in the bingo room itself or by clicking on the show all button for the instants in the lobby. The idea is that you can have a quick instant game whilst waiting for the next round of bingo to start if you are in the room, or just play the instants from the lobby. Overviews of some of the casino and side games on Wink follow but there are dozens and dozens of them so do check them out on Wink itself.

Casino Games

Black Jack
Casino style black Jack – the game of 21 or pontoon but with betting against the dealer.
Wink has four varieties of roulette in its instant game menu under casino games – but all are variations on the classic roulette with the wheel and the betting on numbers, or combinations of numbers, or red or black, etc.
Video Poker
Video poker uses a familiar card deck (but often only the higher cards, ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace) and the idea is to make poker hands, the higher the value of the hand the bigger the payout. You are playing against the house, not another player, and the cards are ‘face up’ as it were – so it isn’t like regular poker and there is no need to bluff! Just have fun and see if you can hit that big value hand.
Side Games
If you click on show all instants in the Wink bingo lobby, you will see a categorized list of all the instant games available at Wink – many more than I have briefly described here so do check it out. This includes slots and the five most popular slots have ‘ordinary’ and ‘progressive jackpot’ versions, so they are described under progressive jackpot instant games in the section after this one.
Scratch Card
Online scratch cards starting from 20p a card – work just like their real card counterparts! Scratch off the covering with your mouse and reveal the symbols to see if you win.
Special Multiplier
This game takes the form of a safe, and you have to spin the arrow to try and unlock it. If the arrow lands on red the safe unlocks and you win the cash.
Quickfire Lotto
A lotto game with a top prize of £15,000. It is a four in one game where you can choose the style of lotto you play. Better odds and higher payouts than the previous version on Wink.
Hi Lo
The familiar ‘higher or lower’ guessing game, stakes start at 20p and prizes go up to as much as £10,000.
Arcade Horses
Remember those mechanical toy horses that race in arcades and funfairs? This is an online version where you can bet from as little as 20p on a horse, and if it wins you get the cash prize.
Hollywood Stars
Symbol matching game where you have to match your symbol with the ‘Hollywood stars’ to win the prize. Can go up to £10,000.
Hi Lo Shuffle
Hi Lo game but it goes fast, and shuffles. Hence the name.
Bee Happy
Reveal happy faces to climb up the pay table to get the prizes – the fewer spins to complete the flower (with the happy faces) the better!
Progressive Jackpot Instant Games
Wink bingo has progressive jackpot versions of its five most popular instant slot games. The games play the same way as the regular versions, but there is a progressive jackpot associated with them that is triggered randomly at the end of the game. Find them in the instant game section of the lobby – click on the progressive slots option. The progressive jackpot can range up to £50,000 (on the Fluffy Favourites Instant Progressive Jackpot game). If you are looking for progressive jackpot bingo games why not check out our article on bingo jackpot games at Wink. All the progressive jackpot instant games are slot games.
Wink Bingo Instant Progressive
Wink bingo has named a slot after itself, and has a progressive jackpot version of it! The slot symbols are based around a theme of the Wink bingo site and bingo itself. Like the other progressive jackpot instant games in this section the jackpot triggers at random at the end of the game. This slot has three non-progressive jackpot levels – Mega, Maxi and Mini and the maximum jackpot payout on the Mega level is £25,000. The Mini and Maxi prizes are £60 and £600 respectively. The progressive jackpot progressively gets bigger of course so for that you will have to see what it has reached when you play the game!
Double Up Ducks
The Double Up Ducks slot has five reels with 25 paylines. There are three different regular jackpots if you play the version with or without the progressive jackpot enabled, plus the progressive on that version in addition. You have to get the ducks in the crosshairs, symbol wise, to progress up to the big prizes and there is a ‘free spin’ feature too. The Double Up Ducks Progressive Jackpot game plays exactly the same as the standard version but in addition has a random progressive jackpot that can be won at the end of any game. The regular jackpots go up to £5,000.
Fluffy Favourites
The Fluffy Favourites slot is again a five reel 25 payline slot machine with three different jackpots. It also has a ‘Free Spins’ feature that is activated by a Pink Elephant. The Fluffy Favourites Progressive Jackpot game plays exactly the same as the standard version but in addition has a random progressive jackpot that can be won at the end of any game. The regular jackpot goes up to £50,000 cash (for the top tier ‘mega’ jackpot) so this is the one for the big prize – even without the progressive.
Aztec Rising
This is an ‘Aztec’ themed slot with J, Q, K and A symbols plus various Aztec themed symbols. The Aztec Rising instant progressive jackpot game plays exactly the same as the standard version but in addition has a random progressive jackpot that can be won at the end of any game. The regular jackpot prize is up to £5,000.
Piggy Payout
Cartoon animal symbols as well as the usual J, Q, K and A and so on. Get follow on spins with cows and windmills, and there is a ‘double your win’ multiplier to hit too if you are lucky. The Piggy Payout instant progressive jackpot game plays exactly the same as the standard version but in addition has a random progressive jackpot that can be won at the end of any game. Regular jackpot prize up to £10,000.
Bonuses and promotions
There are often one off specials that go on at Wink bingo – so for timely promotions and special fun bingo games check the promotion page – click here to open the Wink bingo promotion page in a new window or you can keep an eye on our bingo news blog where the latest promotions will be posted.
Deposit bonuses
Wink bingo’s first deposit bonus is fairly innovative in that it gives a new depositor two bonuses; one fixed and one that is variable with a ‘spin the wheel’ bonus selector gamble. The fixed first deposit bonus is 200% (£10 to £100 deposits), and the spin the wheel second bonus (on a first deposit) is guaranteed to be at least £15 – but if you are very lucky it goes up to £1000! Existing players get redeposit bonuses of 50% cash match on all deposits of at least £10, so once you are a member the bonuses keep coming.
The rules for the first deposit special ‘spin the wheel’ bonus are as follows (but do also check the terms and conditions on the Wink site itself, link below). You have to have deposited at least £10 to activate the spin the wheel extra bonus – which may take a few hours to show up (a special Spin the Wheel tab will appear in the lobby for you) so don’t worry if it doesn’t appear right away. The winning bonus amount is in bonus funds (i.e. it can’t be withdrawn directly, but is used to play bingo with) and will be between £15 and £1000. You can only spin the wheel once, after that the special tab will disappear from the lobby. Do not be tempted to open another account, that is against Wink’s rules and will result in your bonus and any winnings from playing the bonus being forfeited and removed!
Read more about these bonuses available at Wink bingo by clicking here to get to the Wink bingo promotions page where a summary of the various offers is listed, along with links to read more about them.
Loyalty scheme
Wink bingo offers bonus points for playing bingo – the details of the scheme can be found by clicking the ‘Loyalty’ tab that can be found on the ‘other stuff’ page – which in turn is at the bottom of the Wink bingo site page. You get the bonus points for bingo card purchases – from 2 points for the lower cost (5p – 9p) cards up to 12 points for the £1 cards. These points can then be traded in for cash (£1 per 1000 points) or occasionally other prizes are offered in exchange for the bonus points. The points you get per card can change so do check the page on the Wink site for the latest rates.
Extra points can be won in the team bingo tournaments too – see the section above about team bingo. Also note that the Joy of Bingo sites are moving towards a common bonus point system where the bonus points are called ‘Joy Points’ – so bear that in mind and if you have accounts at more than one Joy of Bingo site make sure they are registered with the same email address, so that Joy of Bingo can link the accounts for the Joy Points system, as well as other common across-the-sites promos.
Lifetime cash back
There is a 10% cash back for life loyalty scheme at Wink bingo, where 10% of your losses are paid back to you. It is paid weekly on a Friday for the previous weeks bingo play, and you get 10% of your losses up to £300. There are more details of this scheme on the Wink bingo promotions page – click here to get to the Wink bingo promotions page. If you scroll down to the bottom of the promotions page you will see a ‘10% Cashback for Life’ section and a link where you can click for a page with more details.
Funding and support
Wink bingo accepts credit cards, debit cards, and also services such as Neteller, UKash and Paysafecard. Withdrawals are usually made to the same method as you deposited with. There are various limits in place such as a minimum deposit amount of £5, but bear in mind that the minimum deposit to qualify for bonuses other than the initial one is a bit higher at £10. Before you can make a withdrawal a minimum of £20 has to be deposited, and wagered at least once.
For details of the banking/funding arrangements at Wink bingo see the ‘Banking’ section, which is reached via the ‘Other Stuff’ link at the bottom of the Wink bingo site web page. One thing to bear in mind is that there are withdrawal limits, currently as follows: Daily Limit – £1,000; Weekly Limit – £2,000; Monthly Limit – £3,000. Do check the Wink page itself in case these change, and bear them in mind if you are lucky and get a big jackpot win. Although you can withdraw winnings from play with bonus funds (but not the bonus funds themselves) this is limited to £100 if your account is unfunded. There are also monthly deposit limits and single deposit amount limits.

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10 Free Spins No Deposit + £/$/€99 Bonus
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