Jackpot Bingo Games at Posh Bingo

In this article we outline the various jackpot bingo games, both progressive jackpots and guaranteed jackpots, that Posh bingo has available. All guaranteed jackpot games at Posh have pre-buys available so they call these games ‘pre-buy jackpots’. You can see the jackpot games details at the Posh bingo site by clicking here to get to the Posh bingo games page and clicking on the prebuy jackpots and/or the progressive jackpots tab. Read more below about the bingo jackpots at Posh bingo.

Guaranteed Jackpots

Guaranteed jackpots are jackpot bingo games where the main prize or prizes are either guaranteed to be a fixed amount, or have a guaranteed minimum – with the amount announced in advance. The jackpot is triggered by reaching a certain pattern in 75 ball bingo (often the coverall pattern) or in 90 ball bingo usually by reaching the full house. Tickets for guaranteed jackpots are buyable in advance from Posh bingo, so Posh calls these types of jackpots ‘prebuy jackpots’. You can get these pre-buy tickets as indicated in the listings below – usually from the game room itself at any time before the next game runs.
Daily Penny Bingo
There is penny bingo available every day on Posh. It happens at 8:15pm UK time in the Daily Penny room(s) under the prebuy tab. Cards are 1p (of course!) and you can buy only one card or up to 96 cards – and also you can prebuy them too. The prize is £25 (very respectable for a penny game). Lots of bingo for your money and a chance at a nice prize here.
£500 Thursday Bliss
The £500 Thursday Bliss jackpot games takes place every Thursday at 8pm UK time and can be found under the Prebuy Tab in the £500 Thursday Bliss room. The prize pool is £500 and you can win £100 by being first to bingo on the Pound Sign pattern, and all the 1TG (one to go) winners share £400 cash. Cards are 25p each with a minimum purchase of 1 card, up to a maximum of 48 cards. Pre-buys available in the game room.
Glitzy £750
The Glitzy £750 has a guaranteed £750 prize pool including a £30 1TG (one to go) prize and a £20 2TG (two to go) prize. It runs every Saturday at 9pm UK time in the Glitzy £750 room under the prebuys tab. Cards are 50p each with a minimum purchase of 1 card and a maximum of 48 per player. Prebuys in the game room anytime.
Dreams of £1,000,000 – 75 Ball
Play for a million with a guaranteed minimum £500 cash every Friday at 10pm UK time. Find the game under the Prebuys Tab then ‘Dreams of £1,000,000’. Cards £1 each, minimum 5 cards, maximum 24 cards per player.
Prize of a possible £1 Million with a guaranteed minimum of £500, prebuys available in the game room at any time.
Free Bingo
Free bingo for funded players every day at 8.30pm UK time under the Free + Tab, click on ‘Daily Dosh’ for 75 ball games. Cards are free and you can get between 1 and 6 cards per game per player. Guaranteed £50 cash prize and you can even prebuy (pre-obtain?) the free cards anytime in the game room. Under the same tab in the ‘Freebies’ room is 90 ball free bingo, again you can get between 1 and 6 cards with a variable jackpot (bingo funds of between £1 and £3), and the Freebies room is open between 10am and midnight seven days a week (no prebuys). In the Daily Dosh and Freebies room the prizes are in bingo funds.
Posh Ton £100 – 90 Ball
Every Tuesday at 7.30pm UK time you can play for a share of £100 under the Prebuys Tab in ‘Posh Ton £100’. Cards are 10p each, minimum of 5 card, maximum of 96 cards per player. Pre-buy cards from the game room any time.
To sign up for Posh bingo to take part in any of these jackpot games click here to get to the Posh bingo site and sign up there.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are ones that increase until they are won, then they start again from a ‘seed’ amount. So there is no guarantee the big jackpot will be won, but every time it isn’t won that progressive jackpot prize gets bigger. So the progressive jackpot prizes can get quite large! The jackpot criterion, the number of balls you have to bingo the jackpot pattern by, is listed for each game below.
The current progressive jackpot amounts can be seen at the top of all game rooms as you are playing the games for which the jackpot applies.
Stiletto 75 Ball
This progressive bingo jackpot is won by the player being the first to Bingo on the special Stiletto pattern (which is 12 slots to daub), in 30 calls or fewer. Bingo in more than 30 calls (i.e. 31 calls upwards) you will still win but only get the jackpot for that specific game – however the progressive amount keeps growing then for a bigger possible prize next time. When the jackpot is won it resets at £250.
The ‘Stiletto’ progressive 75 Ball jackpot will play three times every hour in The Salon and 4 times every hour in The Cocktail Club from 7pm to midnight every day (UK time). There will also be random progressive games during the day so keep an eye out for those! The times past the hour that the progressive plays are as follows. In the Salon: 15, 30 and 45 minutes past the hour. In the Cocktail Club: 5, 20, 35, and 50 minutes past the hour.
S-t-r-e-t-c-h Limo 90 Ball
The 90 Ball progressive jackpot at Posh bingo is called the ‘S-t-r-e-t-c-h Limo’ and runs in all 90 Ball Bingo games! So if you play 90 ball bingo anyway you get a chance at this progressive jackpot. The jackpot is triggered by getting a Full House in 38 calls or fewer – and if you do that you not only get the progressive jackpot but the jackpot of that specific game too. When the jackpot is won, it will start growing again from £100. Remember this runs during all 90 ball bingo games at Posh so you don’t have to seek it out.

Posh Bingo

Click the banner above to get to Posh bingo and sign up for any of these jackpot games including the progressives.

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